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4 August 2020

WPX - Intro When I initially looked at WPX I was a bit dubious, their homepage was filled with links to different reviews people had done, which might give users confidence, or it’s a way to disguise a not so good product behind positive reviews.

Most of the reviews on Trustpilot and G2 are all very positive, so I decided to check it out for myself.

Here’s my experience.

Signup experience

WPX - Pricing WPX currently offers three different plans, all plans have the same features, however the key difference is the number of WordPress installations you can have, the number of storage, and the amount of bandwith. As an average user, you’ll have more than enough with the Business plan.

Upon clicking “Get Started!”, you’ll be asked when you want your hosting to be located, you can either choose between US, UK or AU. This largely depends on your target audience, otherwise choosing US is a good option.

WPX - Signup 1 You’ll be given the option to either just buy the hosting plan, or also include a domain name. Do note that buying a domain name will be an additional cost, while the pricing seems reasonable at $10.99 for a .com domain, you might be able to find better deals at dedicated domain registrars.

WPX - Signup 2 In the next step you’ll be asked to select your billing cycle, you can either choose to pay montly, or yearly. As with most services, choosing yearly will give you a nice discount, in this case, you’ll get 2 months for free. This of course depends entirely on your needs, if you don’t feel comfortable paying for an entire year up front, you can go with the montly billing.

After you’ve completed your personal details and payment details, you’ll be redirected to the WPX dashboard, here you’ll have access to your hosting plan you just subscribed too. This is also where you can find all your invoices, edit your account settings.

WPX - Dashboard One thing to note that is that this is your individual hosting plan, not your WordPress site directly. Clicking on “Manage service”, will redirect you to the dashboard for your hosting plan.

WPX - Dashboard Here you’ll have acess to all your WordPress sites, create a staging area, or add another WordPress site. Within this dashboard, you can also manage your email accounts, backups, access your databases and edit your DNS settings.

By default, your website doesn’t come pre-installed with WordPress, but it’s as easy as clicking the “Install WP” button. Once installed, you’ll be emailed with all the details to access your site.

One downsite is that this WordPress installation doesn’t come with an internal link to access, if you didn’t buy a domain name during checkout, you’ll need to point your domain’s nameservers to WPX in order to be able to access your WordPress site.

WPX - WP Admin After correctly pointing my domain to WPX, I was able to access my WordPress site, and the WP admin panel.

It’s your default WordPress installation with no extra plugins installed, from here you’ll be able to install your theme and start writing content.



WPX also comes with custom emails for each domain / WordPress site, this allows you to quickly create emails like [email protected].

FTP Access

One of the things not really mentioned before is that WPX also gives you access to an FTP server, this is essentially the location with your WordPress installation. Most other services hide this kind of access.

Staging Area

Each WordPress installation at WPX comes with a staging environment, this allows you to test out changes or features before you go live.

Free SSL

WPX offers free SSL certificates for every WordPress installation you have.

WPX - SSL It was fairly easy to install an SSL certificate for my WordPress site, all it took was clicking the “SSL” button.

Free migrations

WPX can migrate your WordPress site from any other managed hosted provider.

Malware Scanning & Removal

WPX says they have several security measures running for all sites, these include:

  • Custom and constantly updated WAF (Web Application Firewall)
  • Enterprise-level DDOS protection by Incapsula
  • Full daily system-wide malware scans
  • Full daily system-wide malware/malicious file removal
  • Cleanup of malicious redirects, backdoors and script injections
  • Daily updates to server security rules (see above)
  • Individual site audits in specific cases by WPX Malware Team


WPX - Support After installing a WordPress site, I reached out to support with a question regarding my domain name. I was pleasantly surprised they answered my question within seconds, it actually took about 10 seconds for them to reply!

This is by far the fastest support I’ve seen.


Plan Pricing per month Pricing per year
Business $24.99 $249.96 (Save $49.92)
Professional $49.99 $498.96 (Save $100.92)
Elite $99 $999 (Save $189)

Business vs Professional vs Elite

While all plans include the same features, the main difference is in the amount of WordPress installations you can have, the storage and bandwith.

Plan WordPress installs Storages Bandwith
Business 5 10GB 100GB
Professional 15 20GB 200GB
Elite 35 40GB Unlimitted

For most people, the Business plan will be more than sufficient, but it’s good to know you’ll have to option to upgrade if you ever need to.

Cancelling your subscription

WPX has a 30 day money-back guarantee policy, so if you’re not happy within the first 30 days, you can just cancel and get your money back.

You’re able to cancel your subscription from your dashboard, no questions asked. When I cancelled my subscription, I received a refund notification by email about 10 minutes later.

Payment Methods

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • VISA

Load Test

Test 1

The first load test simulated 100 concurrent users over 30 seconds.

WPX - Load Test 1

Test 2

The second load test simulator 200 concurrent users over 60 seconds.

WPX - Load Test 2

Load test resuls

In both tests, loading time consitently stayed below 1000ms and didn’t degrade over time.


Overall, the entire experience with WPX was very pleasant, from signup to having WordPress installed only took around 5 minutes. The pricing is very reasonable, especially given the fact that even on the cheapest plan, you can install up to 5 WordPress sites.

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