Excellent Value for Money.
1 July 2016

Signup Experience

SiteGround - Plans SiteGround has a total of 3 WordPress hosting plans. At first glance the prices look reasonable. The amount of visitors is much, much lower than their competitors offer. Though, the competition of SiteGround are likely expecting you to never become that popular.

SiteGround - Choose Your Domain Step 2 of the process is choosing the domain for your WordPress installation. As usual I was presented with the option of using my existing domain or purchasing a new one. At the time of writing, a domain costs $14.94/year which is reasonable.

SiteGround - Purchase Last step of the purchasing process is entering your personal, billing, and purchase information. Interestingly enough, if you select the 1 month trial, you have to pay a setup fee. According to their terms, you are able to request a refund within 30 days so that would allow you to select the 12 month plan and requestion a refund later on if needed.

SiteGround - Account Once purchase has been completed, you are shown your account dashboard. The design seems a bit outdated, but that does not matter much to me.

SiteGround - CPanel powered Your WordPress will, similar to some other WordPress hosts, be managed with CPanel. All this information is located under “My Accounts”.
Again, I want to give the heads up here, the user experience is usually not great when a WordPress host chooses CPanel and bugs are many. I try to steer away from CPanel at all times.


Free Email Accounts

You can have unlimited number of email accounts at your domain name - e.g. [email protected] You can also use forwarders and aliases that allow you to forward emails received to any of your email accounts to another mailbox. Their hosting plans includes the three most popular web-based mail clients (CPanel feature): Horde, RoundCube and SquirrelMail.

Auto Update

The WordPress Auto-update feature automatically backups and upgrades your WordPress application each time there is a new WordPress version alongside all your plugins if you wish. Saves you a lot of headaches on security.

Free WordPress Caching Plugin

SiteGround SuperCacher accelerates your website by caching results from database queries and/or caching dynamic data.

Free SSL

Unlike most other WordPress hosting firms, SiteGround actually offers their SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt. I am a big fan of Let’s encrypt and their vision, which makes it a big plus in my book.


Besides having the support portal, live chat, and ticketing system, SiteGround offers you help with your WordPress install as well. They will help you with popular WordPress extensions and templates and investigate and fix WordPress-specific issues.


Yearly Payments

Plan Pricing per month Pricing per year
Startup Hosting Plan $3.95 $47.40
GrowBig Hosting Plan $5.95 $71.40
GoGeek Hosting Plan $11.95 $143.40

Free Trial

As mentioned earlier, you may request a refund up until 30 days of your purchase. SiteGround does not make it hard for you to initiate a refund request should you end up dissatified.

Payment Methods

  • AMEX
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Discover


Besides the fact that they are using CPanel, SiteGround has proved to be a well-priced and easy to use WordPress host. Perhaps not the best, but far from the worst choice you could make.

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