Impressive managed WordPress hosting in a higher price range.
7 July 2016

Signup Experience

LiquidWeb managed WordPress Landing on the managed WordPress page of LiquidWeb, the first thing I noticed were the terrible Photoshop cutouts of their support staff. However, having that said, the personal touch by not having their whole call center offshore is a nice touch. Perhaps if LiquidWeb added a different header background, the cutouts would not stand out that much.

LiquidWeb WordPress hosting plans LiquidWeb has 3 plans available, and they are definitly not targeting you if you are setting up a single WordPress as your personal blogging platform. The cheapest package is $119 per month, but you do get to host 10 WordPress sites with this plan. If you are a small agency, LiquidWeb’s managed WordPress is a very viable option.

LiquidWeb shopping cart After I pressed purchase I was presented with a very simple shopping cart. LiquidWeb seems to only bill on a monthly basis, so no discount for making a year commitment.

LiquidWeb shopping cart The last step of your purchase will be creating an account if you do not have an account and entering your payment details. Most widely used payments options are available (PayPal and major credit cards).

LiquidWeb managed wordpress admin What very much stands out at LiquidWeb is their WordPress administration interface that you will be using. Most WordPress hosting firms will drop you into a skinned CPanel, which is usually not a pleasant experience. LiquidWeb has clearly put a lot of time and effort in providing you with a fluid experience.


Custom Administration Interface

An intuitive dashboard that makes building and launching WordPress sites fast and easy. If at any point in time you would like to use CPanel, LiquidWeb can switch your account over to CPanel.

Auto Updates

Managed auto-updates of WordPress core, no more constant manual maintenance of your websites!

PHP, MySQL, and SFTP Access

Most other WordPress hosts limit your access to SFTP, MySQL, or the command line. LiquidWeb understands that sometimes you need access to all of them, so they are included in all their WordPress plans.


At LiquidWeb they have 24hr phone support, live chat, and a ticketing system. Very similar to other webhosts and I did not have to wait an extraordinary long to receive an answer to your questions and/or problems.

Cancel Subscription

It is not possible to cancel your subscription. Refunds are only available for 14 days.


Monthly Payments

Plan Pricing per month Pricing per year
Single $119.00 $1428.00
Five $189.00 $2268.00
Ten $289.00 $3468.00

As mentioned earlier, I found that LiquidWeb only has month over month plans.

Payment Methods

  • PayPal
  • AMEX
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Discover


LiquidWeb has a great signup process and an amazing WordPress administration interface. The only downside is the price, but if you are an agency or have plenty of clients using WordPress you can easily write this off to your clients.

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