Simple Wordpress installation – Confusing singup experience
1 July 2016

Signup Experience

iPage - Packages At first sight iPage’s Wordpress hosting offer is pretty straight forward, at basic package, starting at $3.75/month and a more adnvace package, starting at $6.95/month. This includes a free domain, unlimited storage and scalable bandwith, which means that your Wordpress site should be able to handle large amounts of trafic.

iPage - Domain name Since any package includes a free domain name, the next step will be to pick your domain name. Or you can use any existing domain you already own. All in all, pretty straight forward.

iPage - Purchase information At first the next step looked like your default payment information step, but upon taking a closer look, iPage will select the option to bill for 12 months by default. They will also enable domain privacy by default for an extra $9.99/year. You can disable domain privacy and select the option to pay monthly to get back to your original $3.75/month.

iPage - Website Essentials iPage also offers something what they call “Website Essentials”, essentially extra add-ons to your Wordpress site, they enable “Website Security” and “Site Backup & Restore” by default, this will cost you an additional $34.94/year. These add-ons are billed yearly, so be aware of that. I disabled these to stick to my original $3.75/month plan.

iPage - Setup Wordpress After a few extra steps where iPage asks you questions for what I assume are marketing purposes, you’ll finally be able to start setting up your Wordpress site. This was all fairly straight forward and only took a couple of minutes. Since I choose to setup Wordpress on a new domain, it took some time before my domain was actually active and before I was able to access my Wordpress site.

iPage - Wordpress Admin After about 20 minutes my new Wordpress installation was ready and I was greeted with a fairly default admin panel. It did come with a few pre-installed plugins for extra security and performance, but other than that you are free to customize your Wordpress installation to whatever you need. It also came with a few pre-installed themes, which is definetly a nice addition.



iPage - Caching Apart from the wide range of Wordpress plugins that offer caching, iPage also offers some custom settings for caching on their side. This is a nice feature if you aren’t that experienced with the technical details of caching.

Secure Installation

Hackers love exploiting and defacing WordPress sites, which makes security a priority for your WordPress website. To help make your website as hack-proof as possible, iPage imposes strict security limitations on which files are editable.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certifactes can be bought as an add-on to your package for an additional $1.66/month, but these are only billed anually, so this will cost you $19.95/year.

Automated Backups

iPage also offers daily backups as an additional add-on, this will set you back $14.99/year.


iPage offers quite a few ways to access their help pages, but accessing live support was a little more difficult. It also took me a few minutes before I was connected to another human.

After I was connected to the live support, the person on the other hand was fairly responsive and helpfull.

Cancel Subscription

Cancelling my subscription was fairly straight forward, you’ll be able to do this through the iPage admin interface.

Upon contacting support, I was also able to get a full refund.


While the pricing on the homepage looked very tempting, iPage tries to upsell you by offering a wide range of extra add-ons. These are often selected by default.

They also try to lock you in for 12 months by default, without changing any of the default settings, you would be paying close to $90/year.

While it was fairly straight forward to disable all these default add-ons, it’s definetly poor practice to enable this by default and it would certainly confuse a lot of customers.

Monthly Payments

Plan Pricing per month
WP Starter $3.75
WP Essential $6.95

Payment Methods

  • AMEX
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Discover
  • PayPal


Despite the rather confusing signup experience, iPage makes it fairly easy to get your Wordpress site up and running. So if you can get over the upselling part during the signup, iPage is a very viable option.

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