Basic Wordpress installation – Good value for your money
4 July 2016

Signup Experience

HostGator - Plans HostGator currently offers 3 different plans, they are mostly based on the amount of sites you want to run, how much traffic you expect and how much media files you’ll be uploading. If you’re just getting started, I suggest you go with the Start plan, as that should fit your needs for the first few years.

HostGator - Features HostGator highlights some of their bigger features on their homepages, these includes; website speed, usability and free migrations. They claim that your Wordpress site will be 2.5x faster due to their cloud architecture, CDN and multiple caching layers. They also offer an easy to use control panel with automatic backups and free migrations for your existing Wordpress sites.

HostGator - Domain name Upon selecting your desirable plan, you can either choose a new domain name, or use one you already own. Choosing a new domain is pretty straight forward, but will cost you an extra $15/year. (Depending on the TLD you choose)

HostGator - Plan The next step was slighly confusing, originally I choose their starter plan, which starts at $5.95, but here it’s showing me that this is only valid for a 36 month period, a single month will set you back $14.95 instead. Even for a year, the $5.95 package will change to $7.95.

HostGator - Payment The last step is a little more straight forward, input your personal information and choose a payment method. You can either pay by credit card or PayPal.

HostGator - Plan Features Finally HostGator shows you a list of additional features, by default SiteLock Monitoring and Site Backup is included in your plan. You can choose to enable SSL for an additional $1.67 per month.

HostGator - Hosting After your payment has been processed, HostGator will provide you with an easy to use portal where you can access your Wordpress site. You’ll also be able to manage your cache, check your security settings, add an SSL certificate or even delete your Wordpress site. Keep in mind that when you choose an existing domain, you’ll need to update your nameservers in order to have access to your Wordpress site.

HostGator - Wordpress Admin As with most Wordpress hosting solutions, your Wordpress installation is very basic and you’ll have full control over your newly created Wordpress site.

HostGator - Wordpress Admin HostGator does come installed with some plugins to help you with caching and Google Analytics, I would recommend you keep these as they’re very helpful. It also comes installed with the MOJO Marketplace plugins, this allows you to buy more premium plugins and themes.



HostGator also claims to offer multiple caching layers that will turbocharge your website.

Site Migration

HostGator offers a free migration tool that will migrate your existing Wordpress site to them.

Automated backups

HostGator offers automatic backup, which allow you to quickly restore your site in case something went wrong.


While not included by default, HostGator does give you the option to add an SSL certificate to your site.

Free Email

HostGator also provides you with free email accounts for your domain, this makes it easy to setup a custom email address.


HostGator doesn’t seem to offer any live support, which might be annoying if you’re in need of quick help. They do offer various walk-through tutorials and an extensive FAQ library. If you still weren’t able to find the answer you need, they allow you to open support tickets as well.

Cancel Subscription

HostGator makes it fairly easy to cancel your account, just fill out their cancellation form and wait for a response. In order to receive a refund, you’ll need to specificly ask for it, which some people might forget to do.


As mentioned earlier, HostGator will apply various discounts to your account depending on how long you choose to sign up for. So your actual pricing may vary.

Monthly Payments

Plan Pricing per month Pricing for 36 months
Starter Plan $5.95 $215.2
Standard Plan $7.95 $286.2
Busines Plan $9.95 $358.2

Payment Methods

  • AMEX
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Discover
  • PayPal

Free Trial

While HostGator doesn’t offer a free trial, they do offer a 45-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t happy with their service.


Overall, HostGator made it pretty straightforward to get a Wordpress site up and running. Despite the slighly confusing pricing I was very happy with their service and was able to fully manage my Wordpress site.

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