Confusing Signup and Ill-defined Pricing.
29 June 2016

Signup Experience

WordPress Hosting made simple — and blazing fast GoDaddy boasts delivering you a managed Wordpress website and has several packages readily available. At the time of writing, they have 4 packages available. Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Developer.

Confusing signup and payment options Signing up proves to be the first hurdle. Selecting the basic plan should cost $3.99 a month, yet the order summary states a total of no less than $143.64. This is due to GoDaddy selecting 36 months as default option. If you were to choose to pay on a monthly basis, the price would actually be $7.99 for the Basic plan.

Extra Wordpress security options at GoDaddy Unlike most other one-click WordPress hosts, GoDaddy does offer some extras (of course, at a price). You have the option to add malware scanning (which can be very useful when you are a new WordPress user) and an SSL certificate. The price of the SSL certificate is rather steep at $69.99 and you may want to purchase this where you purchased your domain.

GoDaddy Wordpress signup screen Once you get past these hurdles, the process gets easier. Assuming you do not have an account yet you can create one via email or using your Facebook account.

GoDaddy payment options for Wordpress sites All major payment methods are available. From credit card to PayPal. Unfortunately there is no free trial option to evaluate your options.



Once your WordPress website starts to gain some popularity, you would have to look into caching and optimising. If you are not very experienced with the technical aspects of managing a website, GoDaddy helps you out by having this enabled by default.

Auto Updates

The benefits of automatic updates are pretty obvious. They just happen, in a stable and secure way, and that’s one less vital aspect of managing your WordPress site that you have to deal with or worry about.

Plugin Blacklist

Any community will always attract some bad apples. And the WordPress plugin developers are not always the most righteous. To protect you from malicious plugins, GoDaddy restricts you from installing several plugins. Full list of blacklisted plugins

Automated Backups

We all make mistakes, that is what makes us houman. GoDaddy has 30 days of backups, which I think is quite generous. Do note that restoring a backup will permanently erase your current content.

Enhanced Security

Hackers love exploiting and defacing WordPress sites, which makes security a priority for your WordPress website. To help make your website as hack-proof as possible, GoDaddy imposes strict security limitations on which files are editable.

Premium Plugins

Only one premium plugin is provided, and only with the Deluxe package. It is a nice addon, but the value of it is quite minimal compared to the plugins available for free.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are offered for free with the Ultimate and Deluxe package. Do note that this only free for the first year and you will have to consider the additional cost of $69.99/year for the years to follow.


If you do end up having issues with your Wordpress website or hosting, you will need access to quick and effective support. This is certainly a service that stands out at GoDaddy.

Instant support is available via Live Chat and a Toll Free number. There is also a support ticketing desk where, in my experience, your questions are answered within 24 hours.

Do note that Live Chat was not always online and the fastest way to have your issue resolved would be by using their ticketing system.


As mentioned, pricing was made complicated on purpose when you purchase for 1 year. Be wary of the price difference between the first year and the second year. As shown in the table below, prices almost double.

Prices will also increase quite a bit if you do not choose to pay for the full year at once.

Yearly Payments

First Year

Plan Pricing per month Pricing per year
Basic $3.99 $47.88
Deluxe $4.99 $59.88
Ultimate $7.99 $84.88
Developer $13.99 $167.88

After First Year

Plan Pricing per month Pricing per year
Basic $7.99 $84.88
Deluxe $9.99 $167.88
Ultimate $14.99 $179.88
Developer $24.99 $299.88

Monthly Payments

Plan Pricing per month Pricing per year
Basic $7.99 $84.88
Deluxe $9.99 $167.88
Ultimate $14.99 $179.88
Developer $24.99 $299.88

Payment Methods

  • PayPal
  • AMEX
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Discover
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