Steep pricing for a mediocre hosting experience.
1 July 2016

Signup Experience

Optimized Hosting for WordPress A very clean and informative landing page greets you upon entry. The base price looks attractive, if it was not for the asterix behind the price.

BlueHost plans and pricing overview BlueHost has 4 pricing options available. This gives you a lot of choice as a webmaster. I personally prefer starting with the WP Standard plan unless I am migrating a popular site over to BlueHost. If you were to be migrating, the plans give you a good idea of the cost you will be facing per month.

Free domain for your WordPress website After I chose the WP Standard plan, I was presented with a page where I can choose to add a new domain to my hosting for free or use an existing domain. Appreciated was that you are always able to decide to purchase a domain later. The free domain does not get lost if you choose not to decide on it right away.

BlueHost purchasing screen Your purchase screen is straightforward. Select the term of your contract and optionally select the “Search Engine Jumpstart” addon. If you do not have any SEO knowledge, this may be useful but I would recommend against it. The added value is too low.

Confirmation of purchase at BlueHost Once you completed purchase, you will be presented with a screen that asks you to set up your account’s password (only if you are a new customer). Setting your password will immediatly log you in.

Account Dashboard There is not much to say when it comes to the account dashboard. Though, to my surprise, your WordPress installation is not automatically set up and you will still have to go through some manual labour.

Failure to set up new WordPress Assuming I still had to setup my WordPress site, I clicked “Install WordPress”. This gave me the screen displayed to the right with no further information.
Navigating to “Hosting” in the top navigation and trying the “Install WordPress” did not do anything either. I have to assume this is related to CPanel.

CPanel based hosting usually ends up being of lower quality and bloated with advertising.

Support Chat at BlueHost Over to the support chat it is! I got connected to Prasad within a minute. Which was great. Unfortunatly his first question made me question the implementation of their security. Are the storing passwords in plain text?
Prasad was not able to help me and had to transfer me to another agent. This was a very long wait and at this point I had very little faith left in getting my website up and running.

Magic of WordPress suddenly appearing And while waiting for the chat (which took much longer than the indicated 5 minutes, so I disconnected), my WordPress website suddenly started working. Did Prasad work his magic? Did the system have issues? Does it need more time to get everything set up? I will never know.

WordPress admin interface at BlueHost The admin interface, overall, has remained unchanged. Except for BlueHost’s upselling you will be enjoying a rather unhindered WordPress experience.


No refund for you! Support seems to be fully outsourced. The first support chat was reasonable, but any subsequent requests for support the agent did not respond or just left right away. My refund was eventually handled by an other support agent.
On top of that, support chat was asking for my account password. Be wary of using your personal password when signing up for BlueHost. Problems with your hosting/website may not be handled as quick as you would hope. It all depends on how busy the support chat agents are.


Yearly Payments

Plan Pricing per month Pricing per year
WP Standard Hosting $29.99 $359.88
WP Enhanced Hosting $49.99 $599.88
WP Premium Hosting $59.99 $719.88
WP Ultimate Hosting $69.99 $839.88

Monthly Payments

Plan Pricing per month Pricing per year
WP Standard Hosting $39.99 $479.88
WP Enhanced Hosting $69.99 $839.88
WP Premium Hosting $89.99 $1079.88
WP Ultimate Hosting $129.99 $1559.88

Payment Methods

  • PayPal
  • AMEX
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Discover

Free Trial

At any point in the 30 days after your purchase you may request a refund. I received a refund 1 hour after requesting.


I am not sure where to stand on BlueHost’s WordPress Hosting. Everything went great until they received my payment, after that it seemed a bit of a hassle to get my site up and running. Considering their prices, one of my least favorite WordPress hosting options.

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