Buying a domain name
24 August 2020

How do I choose a domain?

Choose a domain that’s easy to remember and that is related to the industry you’re in. A good start would be to use your company name, as anyone dealing with your bussiness will remember that. If your company name isn’t available, try using some industry keywords, but don’t overdo it. While Google may not penalize you for it, your domain name might end up looking spammy and people are less likely to trust it.

Don’t overthink it as well, while your domain name might have some influence on your SEO ranking, making it memorable and trustworthy is far more important.

Which TLD is right for me?

These days it might be hard to find a TLD that’s available for the domain you want, generally .com should be your first choice. The only exection would be geographics, if you’re primarly operating in a specific country, it might be worth choosing the domain extension for that country. This not only signals to Google where you are, but it’s also a direct indicator to your audience.

Does the domain extension affect my SEO?

There’s a lot of information and misinformation regarding SEO floating around on the internet. Google has previously confirmed that the domain extension (or TLD – top-level domain) does not affect SEO. But this does not mean that your visitors will not be affected, generally .com and country specific TLDs are well known, and therefore have a better perception.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when choosing an extension for your domain:

  • .com is a safe choice, and well known.
  • Choose a country specific TLD when your content is specific to that country. For example; a bakery shop operating in Germany might use the .de extension.

Average price of TLDs

Top-level domain (TLD) names are generally priced the same accross different registrars. That said, registrars might offer discounts on certain TLDs, so it’s always good to look around a bit first before registering your domain.

Below is a table of the average price for the most popular top-level domains in 2020.

TLD Price (New) Price (Renewal)
.com $4.99 $8.99
.org $8.99 $10.79
.net $5.99 $10.99
.co $0.99 $21.99
.info $2.99 $13.00
.uk $6.88 $7.00


Where to buy a domain name

Personally I recommend any of the three following registrars;


NameCheap generally offers the lowest prices. .com names start for as low as $8.88, and they offer a ton of different extensions.

They also offer managed WordPress hosting.


GoDaddy is another great option, .com starts at $11.99.

They also offer managed WordPress hosting.

Google Domains

Google Domains is another easy to use option, although it’s currently limited to certain countries.